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Post  Admin Sat Oct 10, 2009 5:40 pm

Welcome to the World of Blackout Rugby !

In order to register on the Irish Off-site, you must firstly satisfy these conditions :-

1) You're the manager of an Irish Team in Blackout Rugby.

That's it !!

If this simple condition is met, then continue with the registration.

Please use the exact same username as the one you used to register on the main Blackout Rugby site.

Then, please send an in game message (on main BR site) to one of the forum Administrators that you've requested access to the offsite.

The current forum administrators are:
C Clampett (Van Hiace on blackout rugby site)

Your application will be reviewed, and once approved, access will be granted to our off-site.

Initially, your access will be restricted to the general forums, which contain a lot of information and tips on how best to play this game.   After a period of 4 weeks of activity, your access will then be broadened to take in the whole site.


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